Your gateway to Dubai Expo 2020

Your gateway to Dubai Expo 2020

Dubai Expo 2020 will host the world for 173 days, each one bringing to the region new experiences as we bring the world in one place. Discover the experiences at the Expo 2020 and take the time to create, collaborate and innovate.

Be involved in this global exhibition, discover what happens during the Dubai Expo 2020, and take part in this region’s milestone. Staying at The Act Hotel – Sharjah gives you easy access to the Expo 2020 , public transport to the venue, and exclusive hotel accommodation packages during the event.

To EXPO 2020 and beyond

Enjoy the greatest show on earth whilst experiencing Expo 2020 at its finest. Approximately 30 minutes away from the expo site, the hotel offers an ideal location to have a fun mix of business and pleasure with facilities and amenities that matches both travel needs.

Extended Expo stays

Make The Act Hotel your home away from home this Expo 2020 with a full-fledged entry level room category perfect


Maximize your visit in Sharjah and enjoy exclusive deals as our Expo 2020 guest with 25% discount on laundry services and 25% on food and beverage

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